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    Forehead Lift Surgery

    What Is Forehead Lift Surgery?

    Forehead lift surgery is a facial aesthetic procedure used to treat wrinkles in the forehead caused by aging and to give you firmer skin. A forehead reduction is typically performed to treat aging-related conditions.

    To achieve a more harmonious facial appearance, forehead lift surgery can be combined with other facial aesthetic procedures. Some hereditary traits can be treated with a forehead lift. This procedure can help young adults with low brows or deep brow lines due to stress.

    Most patients prefer cosmetic procedures such as a brow lift, facelift, and forehead lift. Face and forehead lift surgery produces better results for our patients who show signs of aging on their forehead and face.

    The negative expression caused by deep lines on the forehead is prevented and stretched during forehead lift surgery to return the face to a younger shape. If you want a forehead lift surgery in Turkey, you can get more information by consulting with our expert team of doctors online.

    How Is a Forehead Lift Done?

    Individuals aged 40-60 undergo forehead lift surgery to slow down and eliminate the effects of aging. In younger people, forehead lift surgery also raises low brows, which gives the face a “sad” appearance.

    People whose brows are so low that they block the upper part of their field of vision can also benefit from forehead lift surgery.

    Who Can Get a Forehead Lift?

    Most patients who apply to our clinic for forehead lift surgery also prefer operations such as a facelift. The age range of the patients is between 40 and 60 years old. However, we strongly recommend you consult an aesthetic surgeon before deciding on forehead lift surgery.

    For this, you can request a free online consultation from our clinic. If you have one or two of the following complaints, you are a suitable candidate for forehead lift surgery:

    • Wrinkles between the eyebrows
    • Horizontal wrinkles on the forehead
    • Drooping eyebrows
    • Sagging tissue on the outer part of the eyelids

    Forehead Lift Surgery in Turkey 

    Forehead lift surgery in Turkey offers superior service and is more cost-effective compared to regions with very high costs, such as European countries and America. With its strong healthcare system, Turkey is a suitable destination for all plastic surgery, including forehead lift surgery. 

    At the same time, being a tourism country, patients see our country as a choice for both vacation and treatment. If you are considering forehead lift surgery in Turkey, you are at the right place!

    What Are the Benefits of Forehead Lift Surgery?

    Having forehead lift surgery has a variety of benefits for the patient. In addition to improving facial contours, forehead lift surgery can

    • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your forehead,
    • Reduces the appearance of tiredness or anger.
    • It is possible to achieve a natural and youthful expression.
    • Eyebrow shape becomes more defined.
    • Fine wrinkles in the center of the brow vanish.

    Patients may benefit from brow lift and facelift surgeries in addition to forehead lift surgery in some cases to help restore the face to a more youthful shape. During your initial consultation at Esvita Clinic, we will be happy to discuss all of your available options.

    How Is Forehead Lift Surgery Performed?

    Your doctor first creates a surgical drawing to remove the problem area before beginning the forehead lift surgery as a pre-operative measure. The procedure is then carried out under general anesthesia, with an incision made along the hairline.

    To avoid a flat scar, the incision is made unevenly within the hairline. This is done so that six weeks after surgery, your hair will begin to grow along the scar and become nearly invisible.

    The hairline is then removed from the forehead. After that, the scalp will be moved to the back of the head and pulled forward as needed. Dissolvable implants can be used to secure the removed skin.

    After removing excess tissue, skin, and muscle, the surgeon will close the incision with sutures or staples. To avoid scalp irritation, your hair and face will be washed before applying the dressing.

    What to Do After Forehead Lift Surgery?

    You can resume normal activities 1-2 days after forehead lift surgery, but you cannot return to work for 7 days. Showering is permitted two days after surgery or as soon as the bandages are removed.

    For a few weeks, you should limit your physical activity. For 6 to 8 weeks, avoid contact sports. For several months, avoid exposure to heat or being in the sun, and avoid going outside without sunscreen. Most surgical side effects should subside within 2 to 3 months.

    The majority of people are pleased with the results of a forehead lift. Patients who undergo forehead lift surgery will appear much younger and more rested.

    Are there any scars after a forehead lift?
    We cannot guarantee there will be no scars following a forehead lift. However, these scars lose their prominence because they are hidden in the scalp. Scars are hidden in the scalp and behind the ear and will fade away after a year.
    What can I do after a forehead lift to speed up my recovery?
    Our doctors will provide aftercare instructions, including which medications to avoid and which vitamins to take. You should not allow anyone to smoke near you for a few weeks. It will help you recover if you maintain a positive attitude and rest during this time. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about forehead lift surgery or any other questions! At Esvita Clinic, we strive to provide the best support to our patients and assist them in making the most of our services!
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