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    Arm Lift and Leg Lift Surgery

    Things to You May Consider for Arm-Leg Lift Surgery

    Arm lift and leg lift surgery is one of the most preferred surgeries in aesthetic. You might be fit and healthy, but your skin isn’t as tight as it once was due to aging, and you have facial hair on your upper arms or legs. Alternatively, you have had positive outcomes from bariatric surgery.

    People who are very unhappy with the loosening and sagging skin on their arms and legs are good candidates for arm and leg lift surgery in both cases. Exercising can help you strengthen and develop the muscles in your arms and legs, but it may not be enough for excess skin that has lost its elasticity.

    Plastic surgery to improve the appearance of your arms and legs is known as arm and leg lift surgery. Excess skin and fat in the armpit and elbow during arm lift surgery are removed. Leg lift surgery is performed when the upper part of the legs loses tension due to weight gain, aging, births, and sagging in the inner leg.

    Leg lift surgery is the removal of excess skin and fat layer as well as the correction of the inner leg contour. If you are interested in having arm or leg lift surgery in Turkey, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Esvita Clinic and request an online consultation.

    What Is the Purpose of Arm and Leg Lift Surgery?

    Age-related skin elasticity is also visible in our arms and legs. Furthermore, people who have lost excess weight after undergoing bariatric surgery or who have had positive results from dieting can apply for arm and leg lift surgery. People unhappy with sagging skin in their arms or legs opt for arm-leg lift surgery to achieve tighter skin.

    Who Should Have Leg and Arm Lift Surgery?

    We recommend you consult an expert in this field before deciding on arm and leg lift surgery. You can request a free online consultation from our clinic, and we will determine whether you are a good candidate for arm and leg lift surgery together. However, in general, the best candidates for this procedure are:

    • If you have lost the desired amount of weight but still have excess skin on your arms and legs,
    • If you are an adult who has significant sagging in your upper arms and legs as a result of aging,
    • If you have a relatively stable weight and are not overweight,
    • You are a healthy person with no medical conditions that could impede recovery or increase the risk of surgery.
    • If you are not a smoker,
    • If you maintain a healthy diet and way of life.

    Arm and Leg Lift Surgery in Turkey 

    Arm and leg lift surgery in Turkey offers both superior quality service and more affordable costs compared to regions with very high costs, such as European countries and America.

    With its strong healthcare system, Turkey is one of the leading countries in medical tourism. For this reason, Turkey is a suitable destination for all plastic surgery, including arm and leg lift surgery. 

    At the same time, being a tourism country, patients see our country as a choice for both vacation and treatment. If you are thinking of having an arm and leg lift surgery in Turkey, you are at the right place!

    What Are the Benefits of Arm and Leg Lift Surgery?

    Arm-leg lift surgery aims to improve the appearance of the upper arms and legs. While arm-leg lift surgery eliminates a person’s aesthetic concerns, it ensures that the patient is happy with his or her appearance. The following are the advantages of arm-leg lift surgery:

    • It allows you to wear short-sleeved clothing comfortably.
    • It enables you to dress comfortably, especially in the summer.
    • Removes sweating and irritation issues.
    • It enables you to have smooth legs.
    • Increases self-esteem
    • Legs are reshaped.
    • Removes cellulite scars

    Arm-leg lift surgery methods are determined by your doctor based on the sagging condition. Excess skin or fat from the arms and legs is surgically removed in traditional stretching surgery. During the initial consultation, we are happy to discuss all available options at Esvita Clinic.

    How Is Arm-Leg Lift Surgery Performed?

    Under general anesthesia, arm-leg lift surgery is performed in the hospital. The procedure takes about 2 hours on average. However, the patient is kept under observation for a day in general anesthesia surgeries. The arm sags in two dimensions: transversely and longitudinally. Sagging skin is thus removed by cutting the arm transversely and longitudinally.

    Scars are easily hidden in transverse skin excess, but they can be seen in longitudinal skin excess. Your doctor will make incisions in your leg area during leg lift surgery. Your doctor will remove any excess skin and fat cells before shutting your wounds.

    Avoid lifting your arms above shoulder level for at least 3-4 weeks after arm lift surgery, and avoid physical activities for at least 8-9 weeks. Patients can bathe two days after surgery. On the third day, nurses will change the dressings and examine the scar.

    You can resume your everyday life after two weeks. After the sixth week, you can begin climbing stairs and doing heavy exercise, and all types of activities are permitted.

    Arm and leg lift surgery is usually permanent. Keep in mind, however, that as you age, your skin will naturally lose firmness and some sagging may occur. Maintaining a healthy and stable weight will also help you keep your results.

    At Esvita Clinic you can undergo your arm-leg lift surgery and keep your beauties for a long time.




    What should I do to get ready for arm and leg lift surgery?
    Our doctors will give you all the information you need to prepare for your arm and leg lift surgery. We recommend avoiding blood thinners and alcohol one week to ten days before surgery to provide brief information. Furthermore, if you smoke, you should stop at least six weeks before and after the surgery. Tell your doctor about your medications, medical history, and allergies during your consultation. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about the arm-leg lift surgery or anything else! At Esvita Clinic, we strive to provide the best support to our patients and assist them in making the most of our services!
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