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    Breast Lift

    What Is Breast Lift Surgery?

    Breast lift surgery, also called mastopexy, is a surgical procedure used to lift sagging breasts. In addition to breast lift surgery, the areola, or dark ring around the nipple, can be narrowed. Excess skin is removed and breast tissue is reshaped during breast lift surgery to lift the breasts.

    Women are interested in breast lifts for a variety of reasons. Some women may desire to improve the shape or firmness of their breasts following pregnancy or breastfeeding. Others may wish to correct natural breast changes caused by age or weight fluctuations. People who want to change the volume or size of their breasts should consider augmentation/reduction in conjunction with a breast lift. If you are interested in neck lift surgery in Turkey, don’t hesitate to contact Esvita Clinic and request an online consultation.

    Who Is Eligible for Breast Lift Surgery?

    Breast lift surgery is an option if you are increasingly dissatisfied with your sagging breasts. We recommend you consult a specialist doctor before deciding on breast lift surgery. You can request a free online consultation at our clinic, and we will determine whether you are a good candidate for neck lift surgery together. However, in general, the following candidates are candidates for this operation:

    – If your breasts are sagging

    – If you have downward-pointing nipples and areolas

    – If you have breasts that differ in appearance.

    – If your breasts are uneven

    – If your breasts are relatively small

    Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey 

    Breast lift surgery in Turkey provides both superior quality service and lower costs compared to regions with extremely high costs, such as Europe and America. With its strong health-care system, Turkey is one of the leading countries in medical tourism. At the same time, as a tourism destination, patients see our country as a viable option for both vacation and treatment. We can assist you if you are considering breast lift surgery in Turkey!

    What Are the Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery?

    Breast lift surgery is the most effective way for some women to achieve firmer and perkier breasts. Some of the benefits of breast lift surgery include:

    • Firmer breasts 
    • Reduces irritation under the breasts
    • Young breasts 
    • Attractive breast shape 
    • Boost in self-assurance

    How Does Breast Lift Surgery Work?

    Breast lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 2 hours. Before the surgery, your doctor will assess your overall health and advise you on the best surgical technique. Your doctor will assess the degree of sagging, breast size, and the patient’s sensitivity to the surgical scar. Typically, the surgery is performed through an incision around the nipple.

    You and your surgeon will decide on the best technique to achieve the best results in breast lift surgery. The nipple and sagging breast tissue are reshaped, the nipple is restored to its original position, and excess skin is removed. A faint scar remains, depending on the size of the sagging breast.

    A breast lift and augmentation can be performed concurrently if you want fuller breasts; if you want smaller breasts, breast lift and reduction surgery can be performed concurrently to eliminate sagging. The scars are visible at first, but they fade over time.

    After two days, your nurse will remove the dressing and examine the wound. One week after surgery, the bandage will be removed. For the next six weeks, the patient should wear a sports bra. Swelling, nipple numbness and penile skin discoloration may occur early. These are quickly depleted. You should be able to resume your normal routine in 3-4 days. Your doctor will advise you to avoid strenuous exercise for at least three months. Breast lift surgery is a procedure that produces long-term results and improves a person’s mental health. Six months after the surgery, you can see the final result.

    How long does a breast lift take?
    Breast lift surgery takes approximately 2 hours. However, you may need to stay in our clinic for 1 night.
    What should the patient expect after breast lift surgery?
    Most patients report that the breast lift reduces or eliminates unsightly excess fat and skin under their arms and on the sides of their chest.
    How can I get ready for a breast lift procedure?
    Our doctors will provide all the information you need to prepare for breast lift surgery. One week to ten days before surgery, avoid blood thinners and alcohol. If you smoke, you should quit at least six weeks before and six weeks after surgery. During your consultation, inform your doctor about your medications, your medical history, and any allergies you may have.
    Is it possible to breastfeed after breast lift surgery?
    Breastfeeding is possible after breast lift surgery if the nipple remains attached to the underlying breast tissue. In stretches with excessive excess skin, it may be necessary to remove the nipple and reinsert it as a free breast graft. While breastfeeding is possible after mastopexy, it is not advised.
    What is the recovery time for breast lift surgery?
    Most women return to their everyday lives 2 to 14 days after breast lift surgery, depending on the amount of skin removed. It would be best if you avoid lifting heavy objects for at least two weeks. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about breast lift surgery or anything else! At Esvita Clinic, we strive to provide the best support to our patients and assist them in making the most of our services!
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