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    Body Aesthetics

    What Is Body Aesthetics?

    Body aesthetics are procedures patients undergo to achieve the appearance they want for their bodies. These procedures primarily target the buttocks, arms, and other body parts.

    Body aesthetics are performed to correct deformities, remove excess fat, achieve a tight appearance in a specific body area, and for various other reasons. Stretch marks, sagging, and cellulite after weight loss or pregnancy are just some things that upset people and undermine their self-esteem. Body aesthetic surgery improves the appearance of the body by repairing deformed areas.

    Our skilled and specialized doctors use cutting-edge technology to perform aesthetic body surgeries. If you are interested in one of the body aesthetic operations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for online consultation and the most affordable pricing.

    At What Age Can Body Aesthetics Be Performed?

    If you’re wondering what age body aesthetics should be performed, the answer is that there is no set age limit for these surgical procedures. It is recommended that it be performed after the patient reaches the age of 18, i.e., after the patient’s body development is complete. However, body aesthetic surgery can be performed at any age if the patient has a condition that necessitates reconstructive surgery due to developmental and congenital anomalies or accidents.

    So, who is a good candidate for body aesthetics? If you cannot lose postpartum weight, have sagging skin after losing weight, your body does not tighten despite exercise, want to improve your body contours, and have completed obesity treatment, you are a good candidate for body aesthetic surgery.

    Patients over 18 can seek help from our doctors for areas of their bodies that they believe are defective, whether male or female. If you prefer, you can contact us and request online consultation from one of our specialist doctors.

    Body Aesthetics in Turkey

    Body aesthetics in Turkey provides better quality service and has more affordable costs compared to very high-cost regions such as European countries and America. At the same time, with Turkey being a tourism country, patients see our country as a choice for both vacation and treatment.

    Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for health tourism worldwide. Clinics and hospitals using modern medical technologies, quality service, specialized doctors and more affordable treatment costs are the main reasons patients prefer Turkey.

    Turkey is one of the leading countries in health tourism with its strong health system. If you think of body aesthetics in Turkey, you are at the right address!

    What Are the Benefits of Body Aesthetics?

    Body aesthetic surgeries provide many advantages to patients both psychologically and physically. Those who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their body can change the appearance of different parts at the same time with body aesthetic surgery. So, if you are asking what the effects of body aesthetics are, we have listed them all for you.

    • A more symmetrical appearance
    • The body appears more vital and youthful.
    • increased self-assurance
    • improved life quality

    The benefits of plastic surgery in Turkey are numerous. Additionally beneficial to cardiovascular and weight reduction is body aesthetic surgery!

    Please get in touch with us if you want more information about body aesthetic procedures. You can apply for an online consultation to find out more about any operation that interests you.

    What Is the Process of Body Aesthetics?

    Body cosmetic surgery can be divided into three groups: before, during, and after.

    Pre Operation

    First, with the advice and supervision of our specialized doctors, the parts of the body that require body aesthetics are identified. Then one of our doctors will walk you through the procedure. Establishing a positive doctor-patient rapport and removing any doubts from the patient’s mind are crucial prior to body aesthetic operations.

    Our doctors inquire about the patient’s health status, allergies, and whether or not they have ever undergone surgery. After that, they find out the patient’s motivations for having body cosmetic surgery and their goals for the procedure. They can provide the patient with the best procedure this way.

    After studying the fundamentals and deciding on the procedure, your doctor will schedule the procedure with you and go through the things you need to know before the procedure.

    Mid Operation

    Body aesthetic operations are performed under general anesthesia. In the second stage, a bodily incision is made to begin the procedure. The extra skin, fat, and sagging skin are then eliminated. After the surgical procedure, the patient is escorted to his or her room to relax.

    Post Operation

    Following surgery, the patient should follow the doctor’s instructions. The patient should avoid heavy sports and refrain from using excessive force until the surgical wounds have fully healed. It’s crucial to listen to your doctor during your rehabilitation and keep in touch with them. Even if a patient feels excellent following surgery, he or she should adhere completely to the doctor’s instructions.

    Following surgery, the body recovers swiftly, and the new shape becomes clear very quickly. Maintaining the shape you have obtained after surgery is crucial, though. You can continue living healthily by adhering to your doctor’s advised exercise regimen and eating a balanced diet.

    Why Is Body Aesthetics Performed?

    Body aesthetic surgery is a plastic surgery used to treat deformations in the body caused by obesity, pregnancy, or rapid weight gain and loss. The patient’s body becomes looser as the skin loses its elasticity. With aesthetic surgery intervention, body aesthetic surgery recovers the sagging and lost elasticity of the skin and creates a younger body for the patient. Body contouring surgery aims to remove excess fat and redistribute the remaining fat to muscle tissue.

    What Are the Different Types of Body Aesthetics? Which Body Procedures Are Performed?

    Body aesthetic procedures include tummy tucks, arm and leg lifts, Brazilian butt lifts, vaginoplasty, j-plasma, gynecomastia, breast lifts, and reduction operations. Body aesthetic surgeries can be performed as a single operation or a series of operations. The most common problem in people is sagging skin after childbirth and problems caused by rapid weight gain and loss. All of the body aesthetic surgeries mentioned above are performed under general anesthesia.

    The types of body aesthetics vary depending on where the patient wishes to have them applied. The goal of these surgeries is for patients to correct and eliminate the areas of concern. In Turkey, there is a wide range of body aesthetic procedures available. There are body aesthetic procedures available to meet the needs of every patient. To provide a list of these operations;

    • Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty): Abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen. Tummy tuck surgery removes excess fat and skin from the abdomen while also tightening it. The surgery also causes muscle tightness. It is appropriate for patients who have recently given birth or who have lost significant weight.
    • Arm/Leg lift: An arm lift is a surgical procedure in which the loose and sagging skin on the arms is removed due to elasticity loss and the skin is tightened. Leg lift surgery, like arm lift surgery, removes excess skin from the leg and gives the leg a tighter appearance.
    • Gynecomastia surgery: Gynecomastia surgery is an aesthetic procedure that reduces breast size in men to flatten and clarify the chest contours.
    • Breast lift: Breast lift surgery is a surgical procedure performed by our doctors to reshape sagging breasts.
    • Breast reduction: Breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat, tissue, and skin from patients’ breasts. You may be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery if you have large breasts that cause neck or back pain.
    • Breast augmentation: Breast augmentation surgery aims to increase the patient’s breast size. Breast augmentation surgery enlarges the breasts by using breast implants or fat transfer.

    What Should i Do After Body Aesthetic Surgery?

    Depending on the type of surgery being performed, there may be different considerations after body aesthetic procedures. Your doctor may advise you to stay in the hospital for one or two nights following the operation. Our doctors recommend that you rest at home for at least one week after leaving the hospital to facilitate your recovery. Our specialist doctors will review everything you need to know before and after each operation.

    Does body aesthetic surgery leave scars?
    Scars are possible due to the operation and the scratching of the skin layers with a scalpel or laser. The majority of these scars, however, are not visible, and your doctor will provide you with detailed information about the healing process of these scars. Our doctors' sutures play an important role in minimizing scars on the body. Furthermore, the scars will fade if you follow your doctor's recommendations during the healing period.
    How long does it take to recover from body aesthetic surgery?
    Body aesthetic surgery recovery times vary depending on the type of surgery. However, our doctors' general recommendations are as follows: First and foremost, carefully adhere to your doctor's warnings and information regarding the healing process. If your doctor has prescribed medications, you must take them regularly. Don't forget to drink plenty of water. If you smoke or consume alcohol, try not to do so during your recovery. Stay away from heavy lifting and sports. If your doctor has prescribed a corset, wear it regularly.
    Is body aesthetics painful?
    Pain in body aesthetics varies depending on the procedure. As a result, make sure that you have received detailed information from your doctor and that you have decided which aesthetic you will have. Some body aesthetic surgeries are virtually painless. Others may experience pain for at least one day following the operation. However, following your doctor's advice, you can keep your pain to a minimum.
    How long do body plastic surgeries take?
    The length of body plastic surgery procedures varies depending on the kind of procedure you'll have. There are also aesthetic applications that require at least 60 minutes or more. Before the surgery, your doctor will inform you of the length of the procedures.
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