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    Is a Hair Transplantation Permanent Operation in 2023?

    Hair transplantation is among the most popular medical procedures foreigners do when they come to Turkey. The country has become a global destination for medical tourism. Every year, thousands come to Turkey for medical purposes, with most of them opting for hair transplantation, dental care, and plastic surgeries. Turkey is known for its excellent health infrastructure, high service standards, top-notch clinic, qualified doctors, and health workers all over the country.

    For some people who suffer from boldness or partial hair loss, getting hair transplantation can be a life-changing decision that should be thought of thoroughly. If you have doubts and still haven’t decided on whether you should do hair transplantation or not, we suggest you continue reading. We’ll explain a few things to you regarding its efficiency and long-term durability.

    Is It Permanent?

    Once the procedure is done, you will need some time for your skin to heal. You will not see satisfactory results for a certain period as your skin is still healing. Most doctors say that the average person who has undergone hair transplantation needs at least 3 months to heal and 3 to 6 months for satisfactory results.

    Once the healing process is finished, you will start to notice substantial results as hair starts to grow. The hair will continue to grow naturally as you get older and the hairline will not recede to where it used to be before you had the hair transplantation done.

    Would You Ever Need Another Operation?

    Although it is unnecessary, some might consider another one to ensure more results or simply be satisfied with the results when they decide to fill out additional thinning patches. Certain health issues can sometimes lead to hair loss; therefore, another hair transplantation is recommended. To sum up, after a successful first procedure, having a second one is entirely an option unless your doctor recommends it.

    What Would It Look Like Long-term?

    It is agreed that hair transplantation is generally a permanent procedure with incredible long-term results for most people. Although it is always possible that the hair follicles can get thinner as you age, which could result in occasional hair loss, you will not go bold.

    What Can You Do to Ensure Your Hair Transplantation Is Permanent?

    Certain treatments and advanced techniques can be used to fix minor issues that happen when it has been a long period since you’ve had your hair transplantation done or you’ve been through certain health issues that might have resulted in hair loss. Such treatments include Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and mesotherapy. These techniques can stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss, and potentially treat boldness.

    Besides treatments, you can do certain lifestyle-related things to make sure your hair transplantation is permanent, such as eating healthy, using the right shampoos and conditioners for your hair, avoiding overusing products, moisturizing and hydrating your scalp, and many other things.

    For more information about hair transplantation in Turkey and how to make sure your hair transplantation is permanent, feel free to contact us via social media, WhatsApp, or by filling out the form on our website. Our medical experts will be happy to help you and provide you with a free medical consultation.

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